Here you will find the LIST of annual publications of the CoBTeK team since 2017 as well as a SELECTION of publications and presentations in full in pdf form.
Autors Title Published in year Documents
Fernandez & al
Somatic and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Children and Adolescents in France
JAMA open
  2023 PDF
Philippe Robert & al
TeachMod de la formation à la régulation des émotions
  2023 PDF
Maël Addoum & al
Ludo-pedagogical Module for Emotion Regulation of Undergraduate Students
  2023 PDF
Valeria Manera & al
Teleconsultations for mental health: Recommendations from a Delphi panel
Internet Interventions
  2023 PDF
Gianmaria Mancioppi & al
Mild cognitive impairment identification based on motor and cognitive dual-task pooled indices
  2023 PDF
Zahinoor Ismail & al
Optimizing detection of Alzheimer’s disease in mild cognitive impairment: a 4-year biomarker study of mild behavioral impairment in ADNI and MEMENTO
Molecular Neurodegeneration
  2023 PDF
Valeria Manera & al
Cutoff scores for the “Interest game”, an application for the assessment of diminished interest in neurocognitive disorders


  2023 PDF
David Martínez-Pernía & al
The limitations and challenges in the assessment of executive dysfunction associated with real- world functioning: The opportunity of serious games

Applied Neuropsychology: Adult

  2023 PDF
Krista L. Lanctôt & al

Distinguishing apathy from depression: A review differentiating the behavioral, neuroanatomic, and treatment‐related aspects of apathy from depression in neurocognitive disorders

Int J Geriatr Psychiatry

  2023 PDF
Askenazy & al
Analysis of Psychiatric Disorders by Age Among Children Following a Mass Terrorist Attack in Nice, France, on Bastille Day, 2016


  2023 PDF
Lyne Daumas & al

Associations, overlaps and dissociations between apathy and fatigue

Scientific reports nature   2022 PDF
Alexandra König & al

Multimodal phenotyping of psychiatric disorders from social interaction: Protocol of a clinical multicenter prospective study

Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry

  2022 PDF
Eloïse Da Cunha & al

Logogenic Primary Progressive Aphasia or Alzheimer Disease: Contribution of Acoustic Markers in Early Differential Diagnosis


  2022 PDF
Valeria Manera & al
In-person and remote workshops for people with neurocognitive disorders: recommendations from a Delphi panel

Frontier In Aging Neuroscience

  2022 PDF
Radia Zeghari & al
Feasibility study of an internet-based platform for tele-neuropsychological Assessment of Elderly in Remote areas
2022 PDF
David S. Miller & al
Diagnostic criteria for apathy in neurocognitive disorders

Alzheimer & Dementia

  2021 PDF
Alexandra König
& al
Measuring neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients with early cognitive decline using speech analysis

European Psychiatry

2021 PDF
Laurence Bentz & al
Mental health impact among hospital staff
in the aftermath of the Nice 2016 terror
attack: the ECHOS de Nice study
BMC Public Health
   2021 PDF
Alexandra Konig & al
Remote cognitive assessment of older adults in rural areas by telemedicine
and automatic speech and video analysis: protocol for a cross-over feasibility study
BMJ open
   2021 PDF
Alexandra Plonka & al
Primary Progressive Aphasia: Use of Graphical Markers for an Early and Differential Diagnosis
Brain sciences
  2021 PDF
Radia Zeghari & al
Pilot Study to Assess the Feasibility of a Mobile Unit for Remote Cognitive Screening of Isolated Elderly in Rural Areas
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  2021 PDF
Alexandra König & al
Measuring Stress in Health Professionals Over the Phone Using Automatic Speech Analysis During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Observational Pilot Study
  2021 PDF
Philippe Robert & al
Efficacy of serious exergames in improving neuropsychiatric symptoms in neurocognitive disorders: Results of the X-TORP cluster randomized trial
Alzheimer’s & Dementia – Transational research & clinical interventions   2021 PDF
Gianmaria Mancioppi & al
Innovative motor and cognitive dual‐task approaches combining upper and lower limbs may improve dementia early detection
Scientific Reports /   2021 PDF
Valeria Manera & al
Apport des serious games dans les troubles neuropsychiatriques
La revue du praticien   2020 PDF
Anamaria Bogdan & al
Pharmacologic Approaches for the
Management of Apathy in Neurodegenerative Disorders 
frontiers in Pharmacology   2020 PDF
Radia Zeghari & al
The “Interest Game”: A Ludic Application to Improve Apathy Assessment in Patients with Neurocognitive Disorders
Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease
  2020 PDF
Philippe Robert & al Efficacy of a Web App for Cognitive Training (MeMo) Regarding Cognitive and Behavioral Performance in People With Neurocognitive Disorders: Randomized Controlled Trial JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH   2020 PDF
Valeria Manera & al Recommendations for the Nonpharmacological Treatment of Apathy in Brain Disorders ScienceDirect   2019 PDF
Clement Abi Nader & al Monotonic Gaussian Process for spatio-temporal disease progression modeling in brain imaging data NeuroImage   2019 PDF
Paul-Ariel Kenigsberg & al
Assistive Technologies to Address Capabilities of People with Dementia: From Research to Practice
2019 PDF
Stéphane Epelbaum & al
How many patients are eligible for disease-modifying treatment in Alzheimer’s disease? A French national observational study over 5 years
BMJ Open
2019 PDF
Alexandra König & al
Use of Speech Analyses within a Mobile Application for the Assessment of Cognitive Impairment in Elderly People
2018 PDF
Alexandra König & al
Fully Automatic Speech-Based Analysis of the Semantic Verbal Fluency Task
2018 PDF
Aurélie Mouton & al
Sex ratio in dementia with Lewy bodies balanced between Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease dementia: a cross-sectional study
Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy
2018 PDF
Philippe Robert & al
Is it time to revise the diagnostic criteria for apathy in brain disorders? The 2018 international consensus group
European Psychiatry
2018 PDF
Charline Grossard & al
Children Facial Expression Production: Influence of Age, Gender, Emotion Subtype, Elicitation Condition and Culture
   2018 PDF
Denys Fontaine & al
Dural and pial pain-sensitive structures in humans: new inputs from awake craniotomies
   2018 PDF
Grégory Ben-Sadoun & al
Recommendations for the Design of Serious Games in Neurodegenerative Diseases
   2018 PDF
Sylvie Serret & al
Teaching Literacy Skills to French Minimally Verbal School-Aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders with the Serious Game SEMA-TIC: An Exploratory Study
   2017 PDF
Excessive Sleepiness and Longer Nighttime in Bed Increase the Risk of Cognitive Decline in Frail Elderly Subjects: The MAPT-Sleep Study
   2017 PDF
Valeria Manera & al
Recommendations for the Use of Serious Games in Neurodegenerative Disorders: 2016 Delphi Panel
   2017 PDF
Paul-Ariel Kenigsberg & al
Assistive technologies to address capabilities of people with dementia: From research to practice
   2017 PDF
Alexandra König & al
Objective measurement of gait parameters in healthy and cognitively impaired elderly using the dual-task paradigm
Aging Clin Exp Res
   2017 PDF
Auriane Gros & al
The Clock’N Test as a Possible Measure of Emotions: Normative Data Collected on a Non-clinical Population
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience
   2016 PDF
Renaud David & al
Evolution of the Rate of Antidepressant Prescriptions in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Between 2010 and 2014: Results from the French National Database on Alzheimer’s Disease (BNA)
Aging Clin Exp Res
   2016 PDF
Auriane Gros & al
Recommendations for the Use of ICT in Elderly Populations with Affective Disorders
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience
   2016 PDF
David Bensamoun & al
Troubles neuropsychiatriques et solutions technologiques
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience
   2016 PDF
Gregory Ben-Sadoun & al
Physical and Cognitive Stimulation Using an Exergame in Subjects with Normal Aging, Mild and Moderate Cognitive Impairment
Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease
   2016 PDF
R Pardossi-Piquard
Influence of genetic background on apathy-like behavior in triple transgenic AD mice
Current Alzheimer Research
   2016 PDF
Fosty & al
Accuracy and reliability of the RGB-D camera for measuring walking speed on a treadmill
Gait & Posture
   2016 PDF
Valeria Manera & al
A Feasibility Study with Image-Based Rendered Virtual Reality in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia
   2016 PDF
Jeffrey Cummings, Joseph H. Friedman, George Garibaldi, Martin Jones, Wayne Macfadden, Laura Marsh and Philippe H. Robert
Apathy in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Recommendations on the Design of Clinical Trials
Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology
   2015 PDF
Alexandra König & al
Automatic speech analysis for the assessment of patients with predementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Alzheimer’s & Dementia
   2015 PDF
Karim Tifratene & al
Progression of mild cognitive impairment to dementia due to AD in clinical settings
American Academy of Neurology
   2015 PDF
Koenigsberg & al
Dementia beyond 2025: Knowledge and uncertainties
   2015 PDF
Manera & al
The Multilingual CID-5: A New Tool to Study the Perception of Communicative Interactions in Different Languages
Frontiers in Psychology
   2015 PDF
Bourgeois & al
   2015 PDF
Kenisberg & al
Les fonctions sensorielle et la maladie d’Alzheimer
Geriatr Psychol Neuropsychiatr
   2015 PDF
Konig & al
The role of information and communication technologies in clinical trials with patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience    2015 PDF
Konig & al
Ecological assessment of autonomy in instrumental activities of daily living in dementia patients by the means of an automatic video monitoring system Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience    2015 PDF
Benoit & al
is it possible to use highly realistic virtual reality in the elderly? a feasibility study with image-based rendering Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment    2015 PDF
Valeria Manera & al
Kitchen and cooking,’ a serious game for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease: a pilot study Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience    2015 PDF
Łukasz Okruszek, Valeria Manera & al
Impaired Recognition of Communicative Interactions from Biological Motion in Schizophrenia  PLOS ONE    2015 PDF
Maja Yakhia
Actigraphic Motor Activity in Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients Carrying Out Short Functional Activity Tasks: Comparison between Mild Cognitive Impairment
with and without Depressive Symptoms
Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease    2014 PDF
Philippe Robert & al
Why ICT are interesting for Frailty ? Livre Blanc Fragilité    2014 PDF
Maria Soto & al
Medication development for agitation and aggression in Alzheimer disease: review and discussion of recent randomized clinical trial design International Psychogeriatrics    2014 PDF
Christian Pradier & al
The Mini Mental State Examination at the Time of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Diagnosis, According to Age, Education, Gender and Place of Residence: A Cross-Sectional Study among the French National Alzheimer Database  Plos One    2014 PDF
Philippe Robert & al
Recommendations for the use of Serious Games in people with Alzheimer’s Disease, related disorders and frailty Frontiers in Aging neuroscience    2014 PDF
Valeria Manera, Marco R. Elena, Andrew P. Bayliss, Cristina Becchio
When Seeing Is More Than Looking: Intentional Gaze Modulates Object Desirability American Psychological Association     2014 PDF
Jamie M. Zeitzer & al
Phenotyping Apathy in Individuals With Alzheimer Disease Using Functional Principal Component Analysis
National Institutes of Health
   2013 PDF
J-D Abraham & al
Cerebrospinal Ab11-x and 17-x levels as indicators of mild cognitive impairment and patients’ stratification in Alzheimer’s disease 
Transl Psychiatry
   2013 PDF
Philippe Robert & al
Recommendations for ICT use in Alzheimer’s disease assessment: Monaco CTAD expert meeting
The Journal of nutrition, Health & Aging
   2013 PDF
P. Robert , E. Castelli , P.-C. Chungd T. Chiroux , C.F. Crispim-Junior , P. Mallea , F. Bremond SWEET-HOME ICT technologies for the assessment of elderly subjects  IRBM 34 (2013) 186–190    2013 PDF
Denys Fontaine, Audrey Deudon, Jean Jacques Lemaire, Micheline Razzouk, Philippe Viau, Jacques Darcourt and Philippe Robert Symptomatic Treatment of Memory Decline in Alzheimer’s Disease by Deep Brain Stimulation: A Feasibility Study Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 34 (2013) 315–323    2013  PDF
Florindo Stella, Larissa Pires de Andrade, Marcelo Garuffi, Thays Martins Vital, Salma Stephany Soleman Hernández, Marcela Ruocco, Elisandra Villela Gasparetto Sé, Margarete Klein, Tânia Martins and Philippe H. Robert Validation of the Brazilian version of the Apathy Inventory Internation Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry    2013 PDF
Elsa Leone & al
“What are you interested in?”—A survey on 601 nursing homes residents activities interests
Advances in Aging Research
   2012 PDF
Guillaume Sacco,  Véronique Joumier,  Nelly Darmon,  Arnaud Dechamps,  Alexandre Derreumaux,  Ji-Hyun Lee,  Julie Piano,  Nathalie Bordone,  Alexandra Konig,  Bernard Teboul,  Renaud David,  Olivier Guerin,  François Bremond,  Philippe Robert Detection of activities of daily living impairment in Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment using information and communication technology Clinical Interventions in Aging (2012) 7: 539-549 3 Décembre 2012 PDF
Elsa Leone, Audrey Deudon, Julie Piano, Philippe Robert, Arnaud Dechamps Are Dementia Patient’s Engagement Using Tailored Stimuli the Same? The Apathy Dilemma in Nursing Home Residents Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research Volume 2012, Article ID 942640, 11 pages 2012 PDF
Michel Benoit, Gilles Berrut, Johanna Doussaint, Serge Bakchine, Sylvie Bonin-Guillaume, Patrick Frémont, Thierry Gallarda, Pierre Krolak-Salmon, Thierry Marquet, Claude Mékiès, François Sellal, Stéphane Schuck, Renaud David and Philippe Robert Apathy and Depression in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease: A Cross-Sectional Study Using Diagnostic Criteria Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 31 (2012) 325–334 2012 PDF
Carlos Fernando Crispim-Junior, Veronique Joumier, Yu-Liang Hsu, Ming-Chyi Pai, Pau-Choo Chung, Arnaud Dechamps, Philippe Robert, François Bremond Alzheimer’s patient activity assessment using different sensors Gerontechnology (2012) 11(2):266-267 2012 PDF
E. Mulin MD, V. Joumier MSc, I. Leroi MD PhD, J.H. Lee MSc, J. Piano MSc, N. Bordone MSc, A. Derreumeaux MSc, P. Malléa PhD, P. Brocker MD, A. Dechamps PhD, R. Romdhane PhD, M. Thonnat PhD, F. Bremond PhD, R. David MD PhD, P.H. Robert MD PhD Functional dementia assessment using a video monitoring system: Proof of concept Gerontotechnology (2012) 10,4:244-248 2012 PDF
Karim Tifratene, Franck Le Duff, Christian Pradier, Julien Quetel, Pierre Lafay, Stéphane Schück, Eric Benzenine, Catherine Quantin, Philippe Robert and the participating centres Use of drug treatments for Alzheimer’s disease in France: a study on a national level based on the National Alzheimer’s Data Bank Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, (2012) 2012 PDF
Leone E, Deudon A, Bauchet M, Laye M, Bordone N, Lee JH, Piano J, Friedman L, David R, Delva F, Brocker P, Yesavage J, Robert PH. Management of apathy in nursing homes using a teaching program for care staff: the STIM-EHPAD study Internation Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry doi: 10.1002/gps.3836. 14 Juin 2012 PDF
Nicola Girtler, Andrea Brugnolo, Claudio Campus, Fabrizio De Carlic, Francesco Famà, Lucio Ghio, Philippe Robert, Maria Paola Barbieri, Marta Delmonte, Stefano Venuti,Filippo Gabrielli, Guido Rodriguez, Flavio Nobili The Short Cognitive Evaluation Battery in Cognitive Disorders of the Elderly Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders 11 Juin 2012 PDF
Marcos D Zuniga, François Brémond et Monique Thonnat Hierarchical and Incremental Event Learning Approach based on Concept Formation Models le 31 Janvier 2012 PDF
Franck Le Duff, Aude Emmanuelle Develay, Julien Quetel, Pierre Lafay, Stéphane Schück, Christian Pradier, Philippe Robert The 2008–2012 French Alzheimer Plan: Description of the National Alzheimer Information System Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 29 (2012) 891–902 le 17 Janvier 2012 PDF
Renaud David, M.D., Emmanuel Mulin, M.D., Leah Friedman, Ph.D., Franck Le Duff, M.D., Ph.D., Edyta Cygankiewicz, M.D., Olivier Deschaux, Ph.D., Rene Garcia, Ph.D., Jerome A. Yesavage, M.D., Philippe H. Robert, M.D., Ph.D., Jamie M. Zeitzer, Ph.D
Decreased Daytime Motor Activity Associated With Apathy in Alzheimer Disease: An Actigraphic Study 2011 PDF
Emmanuel Mulin,, Jamie M. Zeitzerb, Leah Friedmanb, Franck Le Duff, Jerome Yesavageb, Philippe H. Robert and Renaud David
Relationship between Apathy and Sleep Disturbance in Mild and Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease: An Actigraphic Study 2011 PDF
Vjera A Holthoff & al
Validation of the relevant outcome scale for Alzheimer’s disease: a novel multidomain assessment for daily medical practice
Alzheimer’s research & therapy
   2011 PDF
Proposed diagnostic criteria for apathy in Alzheimer’s disease and other neuropsychiatric disorders
European Psychiatry
   2009 PDF
P. H. Robert & al
The Apathy Inventory: assessment of apathy and awareness in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and mild cognitive impairment
   2002 PDF
P. H. Robert & al
Use of a sequencing task designed to stress the supervisory system in schizophrenic subjects
Psychological Medicine
   1997 PDF
speaker title as part of year place documents
  2024 Rennes PDF / Lien vidéo
Arnaud Fernandez Nice Pediatric Psychotrauma Center (NPPC) Experience Assessing and Managing Pediatric. Victims of the 14th of July 2016 Terrorist Attack in Nice, France   2023 New York PDF
Philippe Robert & Valeria Manera

Diagnostic criteria for apathy

AAIC 2021   2021 Denver & virtual Lien vidéo
Philippe Robert

Jeux de société: un moteur pour la motivation dans les troubles cognitifs

Symposium Game in lab   2021 Virtual event Lien vidéo
Philippe Robert

Efficacy of Serious exergame in Alzheimer Disease and related disorders results of the AZgame multicenter study

Alzheimer’s Association international Conference – AAIC 2020   2020 Virtual event Lien vidéo
Valeria Manera
Developing non-invasive, objective assessment tools for social apathy in Neurocognitive Disorders: the role of action kinematics
Alzheimer’s Association international Conference – AAIC 2020   2020 Virtual event
Equipe CoBTeK IA Motivation… comment chauffer votre cerveau NEUROPLANETE   2020 Nice
Philippe Robert The 2018 criteria for apathy: rationale for update AAIC – Diagnostic criteria meeting   2019 Los Angeles
Radia Zeghari Towards a multidimensional assessment of apathy in neurocogntive disorders AAIC   2019 Los Angeles
Philippe Robert Sensors & Serious games to assess motivation and stimulate cognitive, physical and social activity in people with AD & related disorders 7° rencontres scientifiques et cliniques de la Fondation Alzheimer   2018 Paris
George Malatrasi et Vanessa Laure Tchamba L’approche clinique du médecin de famille devant une problématique cognitive psychiatrique 4° congrés Québecois sur la maladie d’Alzheimer   2018 Montréal Lien vidéo
Philippe Robert L’interface entre les troubles cognitifs et la psychiatrie 4° congrés Québecois sur la maladie d’Alzheimer   2018 Montréal
Philippe Robert – Raphael Zory Présentation de l’équipe CoBteK dans le cadre de la FRIS Séminaire d’octobre  du LAMHESS   2018
Alexandra König & al Automatic Speech Analysis for the Detection of Emotional Disturbances in Persons with Dementia   2018
Philippe Robert The place of ICT for assessment and stimulation Forum Scientifique Chili – France   2017  Santiago
Philippe Robert BNA Forum Scientifique Chili – France   2017  Santiago
David Bensamoun Evaluation multicapteur dans les maladies d’Alzheimer et pathologies associées 13° réunion Francophone sur la maladie D’Alzheimer   2016  Lyon
Valeria Manera Utilisation de la réalité virtuelle dans la maladie d’Alzheimer 13° réunion Francophone sur la maladie D’Alzheimer   2016  Lyon
Philippe ROBERT Serious Game et maladie d’Alzheimer: les projets VERVE, AZGAME et MeMo 13° réunion Francophone sur la maladie D’Alzheimer   2016  Lyon
Philippe ROBERT Apathie: évaluation et prise en charge Parcours de santé des PAERPA   2016  Montpellier
Philippe ROBERT Sensorialités et Maladie d’Alzheimer Journées hygiène, risques et qualité   2015  Lyon
Philippe ROBERT De l’importance de la multidisciplinarité dans la recherche clinique / Importance of multidisciplinaire in clinical research Journée du Réseau de recherche pluridisciplinaire pour les citoyens en situation de handicap cognitif – Fondation Médéric   2015  Paris
CoBTeK Dem@care and VERVE posters AD PD 2015   2015  Nice
Philippe ROBERT Memory and cognitive dysfunction in depression The Pontifical Academy of Sciences – Memory in the Brain diseases conference Janvier 2015  Vatican
Pierre Foulon, Philippe ROBERT AZ@GAME, le point sur XTorp Forum Innovation Santé et Autonomie  – Ministère de la santé Décembre 2014  Paris
Philippe ROBERT Agitation et agressivité dans la Maladie d’Alzheimer Congrès des unités de Soins Alzheimer Décembre 2014  Paris
Philippe ROBERT Pourquoi les nouvelles technologies peuvent être utile pour la fragilité en 6 diapositives Livre Blanc sur la fragilité Octobre 2014  Toulouse
Philippe ROBERT La Banque Nationale Alzheimer Meeting on a National dementia registry 24.09 Septembre 2014  Lausanne / Centre Universitaire Vaudois
Philippe ROBERT, Pierre-David PETIT, Grégory BENSADOUN, Alexandra KONIG, François BREMOND Apport des nouvelles technologies pour l’évaluation et la prise en charge de la Maladie d’Alzheimer 41° ENTRETIEN DE MÉDECINE PHYSIQUE ET DE RÉADAPTATION Avril 2013 Montpellier(France)
S. SERRET & Pr F. Askénazy Entraînement des habiletés sociales avec un serious game (« jeu video sérieux ») Journées scientifiques de l’ARAPI Octobre 2012 Marseille (France)
S. SERRET & Pr F. Askénazy Therapeutic application of Serious Game to improve social cognition in Autism Spectrum Disorders (In Workshop « Innovative technologies and Autism Spectrum Disorders ») Congrès de la IACAPAP juillet 2012 Paris (France)
V. JOUMIER, E Mulin, J.H Lee, J Piano, A Derreumaux, R David, P Malléa, A Dechamps, PH Robert, R Romdhane, M Thonnat, F Brémond Measurement instrument for assessing functional abilities of elderly people with and without dementia using a video monitoring system 6th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (ICBBE) mai 2012 Shanghai (Chine) Poster
PH Robert Peut – on retarder le vieillissement ? Apport des nouvelles technologies Semaine du Cerveau 12 au 18 mars 2012 Nice (France)
PH Robert State of the art lecture: Alzheimer’s Disease: new diagnostic criteria, neuropsychiatric symptoms and assessment using ICT European Psychiatric Association Congress 4 Mars 2012 Prague
E. Corvee, S. Bak and F. Bremond People detection and re-identification for multi surveillance cameras. In the International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP) 24-26 February 2012 Rome (Italy)
A. Dechamps, Y.S. Silverius and P. Robert The use of ICT in Nursing Home « Panti Jompo »: the preliminary steps toward better understanding of user needs University Industry Business linkage (UIBL) 23 February 2012 Jakarta (Indonésie)
M. Souded, L. Giulieri and F. Bremond An Object Tracking in Particle Filtering and Data Association Framework, Using SIFT Features. In the Imaging for Crime Detection and Prevention Conference (ICDP) 24-26 February 2012 Kingston University (London, UK)
V JOUMIER, R Romdhane, F Brémond, M Thonnat, E Mulin, PH Robert, A Derreumaux, J Piano, J Lee Video Activity Recognition Framework for assessing motor behavioural disorders in Alzheimer Disease Patients Workshop Behavioural Analysis and Video Understanding, 8th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems (ICVS) Sept 2011 Sophia-Antipolis (France)