Your contributions and donations allow us to continue to promote the innovation and research of the CoBTeK unit on its theme “Mental health from birth to the end of life and artificial intelligence” but also to promote the development of knowledge on the use of new information and communication technologies.

Donations allow us to finance innovative projects that respond as closely as possible to the needs of patients and caregivers. By making a donation, you contribute to our actions, including:

  • Financing new video games for the MeMo platform and the MoTAps application.
  • The launch of new projects such as the AGAP (Art & Game Project) program to develop recommendations for the use of art and board games to stimulate cognitions and motivation.

You can donate online, send a cheque, or contact Pr. Philippe Robert to see how you can make a big impact.

I support the Alzheimer Innovation Association.

Association IA, Centre Mémoire 

Institut Claude Pompidou, 10 rue Molière, 06100 Nice France.

For any questions about donations: contact Pr. Philippe Robert at  

We are very grateful for the generosity and kindness of the individuals, organizations and foundations that support the research activities of the IA Association.


Order the board game Adapt’ou pas

Photograph of the exhibition AGAP Heritage Day 2022 in Corsica